Finding hidden money in your yard?

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Home Improvement

Before you sell your home, its a great idea to take a look around your home and evaluate any final projects that you can complete. 

Often, its not just one particular thing that turns off a buyer from a home as a potential option. A home that has unfinished projects, can signal to a buyer that the home has not been kept up with and there may be other hidden issues. It will pay off to finally complete that hunny-do list before putting your home on the market. 

The first impression of your home however, starts on the outside and prepares the buyer for what they might see inside. Curb appeal can either help the buyer fall immediately in love or completely turn them off to the home. 

According to the August 2018 issue of Realtor Magazine, There are certain projects you will net you a greater return, help sell your home quicker and in turn lower your chance of having to reduce your sale prices after weeks on the market.

Here are the Top 10 Exterior Projects and their average returns upon sale

1.) Landscape Maintenance: Expect to see the full investment here come back to you. General upkeep and clearing of overgrown shrubs or plants will completely change the look of your home. Tip: While listed, keep your grass cut every week and weeds out of the driveway and garden beds for the ultimate curb appeal during showings. 

 Rate of Return: 100%      Job Cost: $3000 or partially DIY       Cost Recovered: $3000


2.) Tree Care: Having a professional trim and remove old, dead or overgrown branches will make a huge impact of the look of the home. Not only will this enhance the look of the home, but it will also make buyers feel more comfortable that branches overhanging the roof have been removed and will not damage the home in a storm. 

 Rate of Return: 100%      Job Cost: $2000      Cost Recovered: $2000


3.) Irrigation System: If you have spent the money to re-sod your yard, then you know what a hassle it is to water it for the next month everyday to keep it alive. Buyers know this too! Upgrading to an irrigation system is a huge bonus to buyers who can keep their yard looking great with the flip of a switch. 

 Rate of Return: 86%      Job Cost: $3500      Cost Recovered: $3000


4.) Overall Landscape Upgrade: Turning your yard into an area you want to hang out in is a huge bonus. Try adding garden bed borders using stamped concrete, wood or other natural material to give the yard some design. Adding boulders, rocks, Trees/shrubs or a small walkway will give your yard the edge over the competition.

 Rate of Return: 83%      Job Cost: $6000       Cost Recovered: $5000


5:) New Wood Deck: Its like adding a second living room to your home. This space can help buyers imagine having friends and family over for gatherings or parties with plenty of space for all. 

 Rate of Return: 80%      Job Cost: $10000      Cost Recovered: $8000


6.) Outdoor Kitchen: This project will set you apart from other homes in the area and is a huge selling bonus. Its unique and highly sought after. Be sure to use quality materials but don't overspend. 

 Rate of Return: 71%      Job Cost: $14000     Cost Recovered: $10000


7.) New Patio: Just like a wooden deck, This will provide more usable space to hang out in your yard. This project has less of a wow factor than a new deck but is still highly sought after. Tip: Dress up the patio with potted Plants and a sitting area to enhance the space.

 Rate of Return: 69%      Job Cost: $7200       Cost Recovered: $5000


8.) Fire Feature: This project has a true WOW factor. It will certainly set you apart in your listing and will get buyers attention. 

 Rate of Return: 67%     Job Cost: $6000       Cost Recovered: $4000


9.) Landscape Lighting: Lighting up your home and yard at night will set a great mood. Using inexpensive solar lights on a walkway is an easy way of brightening up your entrance. Tip: If you have done this project, make sure your listing photos have a few selections at night to highlight this feature to buyers who may only see the home during the day.

 Rate of Return: 50%       Job Cost: $5000      Cost Recovered: $2500


10.) New Pool: Everyone wants a pool but they are expensive! However, you won't realize the full return when it comes to the sale. Tip: Add potted plants, a seating area and keep the pool in excellent condition for the biggest impact.

 Rate of Return: 43%       Job Cost: $57500      Cost Recovered: $25000