The 10 minute showing prep Guide

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While your home is on the market, It's important to have a quick plan of action to prepare your home for potential buyers. Follow these top tips to have your home show ready in just a few minutes. 


Open all Blinds/Draperies & Turn on all the lights

Clear off counters, empty the sink & run the dishwasher

Light some candles or turn on plug in scents

Run the vacuum quickly throughout the house

Close all toilets lids, hang up all towels neatly and wipe off bathroom sinks & Counters

Set a comfortable temperature in the house

Place all dirty clothes in the washer out of the way

Give the buyer space - Hide all valuables and do not present for showings to allow the buyer time to really get a feel for the place

A little preparation goes a long way when impressing buyers and making your home stand out. Invest the time in the beginning and reap the rewards at the end! 

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